Friday, July 19, 2013

Fun in the Sun, Fun in the Kitchen !

Pico De Gallo 

Summer fun for many is about fun in the sun, theme parks, and trips. We love summer time, it has always given Anna and I much joy, we fell in love and also got married during the summer. Needless to say, summer is a special time of year for us.
We delight in discovering new restaurants, cooking and developing new recipes. Food is our passion; we get all giddy at the thought of what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During the summer we get to spend more time cooking together. For example, we were out running some errands and we got the craving for chips and salsa. So we stopped at Publix bought some ingredients, made the salsa and enjoyed. It seems basic, nothing special but for us the salsa says summer has arrived. For dinner we had pan seared Mahi-Mahi with herb wild rice and sautéed zucchini. We had no real direction for dinner just ingredients. For instance, in the pantry we had wild rice, stock and some herbs in the fridge, we brought it all together and created a new rice recipe. On another evening we had dinner early then while watching T.V we got a craving for something sweet but had nothing sweet in the house. We looked though the fridge and saw we had blueberries, eggs, and sugar, quickly I thought of crème anglaise, which is a sweet vanilla sauce used in custards.  We placed the crème anglaise in a martini glass then added berries. It was a decadent dessert that satisfied our craving. As summer continues I’ll share some summer time recipes and maybe even some adventures along the way. So for this summer get creative with what you have or go out and try new things. Have fun in the kitchen, it has a lot to offer and it is also what brings love and family together.

Creme anglaise with blueberries 

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