About Me

        As long as I can remember food has always been apart of my life. I grew up in a Cuban family where we would roast a whole pig in "la Caja China" (the Chinese box) and everyone would gather around to marvel over the roast once it was complete. When I was a child I would watch the normal cartoons that most children would watch, but I would also watch cooking shows. Even at a young age I was  intrigued into the process of preparing, cooking, and eating, it became mesmerizing and relaxing. My first real job was a dish washer in an Italian Restaurant. There I fell more in love with food and food culture. I then attended Johnson and Wales University where i received my Culinary degree. Those two years of my life were the hardest, funnest, most amazing moments that I have ever been through. I have never worked so hard yet enjoyed every moment of the process, I knew I was exactly where God wanted me. I also got engaged to my lovely wife Anna while attending Johnson and Wales University, truly amazing years. Throughout this blog I will share more about myself, my life, and of course food as the Foundation. In the Meantime enjoy and don't forget to Eat.Comer.Mangia.