Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Kitchen Confidential

Recently I finished a book, more like I finished a journey, an adventure though the life of one man that had such a crazy, foul life that actually was extremely entraining. Once you get passed the foul language, the drugs, and the disgusting food stories, your left with a bit of shock and wanting to read more. After every chapter you'll find yourself saying " wait what?" "really?" "Wow thats crazy" 
First let it be known I never really liked Anthony Bourdain, his shows would come on the television “ A cooks tour” and I would immediately change the channel. I always thought he was a drugged up, egotistical man who thought he knew it all and everything was owed to him. He was the picture of everything I hated in the culinary industry drug abuse, alcohol abuse, uncleanliness, and just reckless lives. I knew in my life, in my culinary career I was going to be the opposite of majority who were mixed into that dangerous ill-advised life. While in culinary school I was glad to see I was not the only one that wanted to change the image of a Chef. I want to do things the right way, no tricks, no drugs or alcohol to “get you through the day” I have heard so many stories, stories just like those in Kitchen Confidential.

So why then did I read this book knowing all the harsh words, all the drug use and the sexual encounters was before me, simple you don’t know where your going until you know where you been. I have learned a lot about Anthony Bourdain before I started reading this book. I started watching "No reservations" his more current shows and also " Parts Unknown" I learned he changed his life around I saw he persevered though all of his challenges. I was curious of his career path, what made him who he is and how he is today.

From beginning to end I was constantly smiling and literally laughing out loud. It was story after story many quite jarring many very humorous. I started reading the book on my tablet then half way through the book I switched to an audio book narrated by Anthony Bourdain himself. Listening to Anthony narrate his book is even more jarring and more humorous. I suggest if you have already read the book listen to his audio book, it will be a different adventure. That’s exactly what this felt like an adventure from his culinary school antics, to his first jobs where he learned he wanted his hands to be full of calluses because he could hold hot things. To working with mafia owned restaurants where he would have constant meetings in the back of Cadillac’s. Another time working high atop a New York building and climbing out onto a ledge to have a smoke break. To all the restaurants he helped close down, many not of his own doing. If you’re in the industry or want to get in the industry, you will easily relate to many stories in this book.   

In short Anthony Bourdain did everything the hard way in my opinion with the drug use, alcohol use, and befriending the wrong people. But in the end he became successful. One thing I can admire is that he never tired to be something he is not, in his book he told it flat out point blank. He knows the path was difficult but he knows that’s what he did and he’s not ashamed of it, he learned, grew and persevered.

This was an excellent book and again I recommend it if your in the industry or want to learn more of the industry. Let me know have you read it ? What do you think of Anthony Bourdain? Any book recommendations you can give me ? 

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  1. Great review! I never liked him much either, but the truth is you got me interested now. You are a really great writer!!