Saturday, June 8, 2013


Shrimp Primavera
Franks Italian Restaurant

I really started to love foodography back when I started Culinary School. I started to gain an understanding for food art and the importance of creating tasty food with an artistic style. Today I love to plate dishes whether its at work or at home when making a simple breakfast for Anna and I.  Truth of the matter is that as cliche as it may sound we all eat with our eyes.
Food always taste better when it looks good. This day in age we can all become foodographers, especially with the advancements with smartphone cameras. Our phones allow us to simply snap, crop, edit and then share to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and Pintrest. What's great is that most of these sites have photo filters to further enhance our photos. So I encourage everyone to have fun and plate dishes with some artist flare. Some great ways to do this is to highlight food with vibrant colors using vegetables, or if it is grilled food highlight the grill marks. The key is having a focal point then a background just like a painter. The dish is your canvas have fun and see what works for you.

Grill Pork loin with Mushroom sauce
Franks Italian Restaurant
Fiesta night Mahi Tacos 
Mexican Style Salad 

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