Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to: Store Fresh Herbs

There’s noting like having fresh herbs on hand at all times, it could mean the difference to an outstanding dish or a lackluster meal. Whether the herbs are used as a main ingredient or as finishing touch nothing compares to fresh. Storing fresh herbs can sometimes be tricky, and also if stored incorrectly become costly. Here’s a couple of tips that you can use to store your herbs and even some money saving ideas we use all the time.

First most people buy fresh herbs such as basil, thyme, rosemary, and tarragon in the produce section in small plastic containers which cost anywhere from $ 3.00 to $5.00 depending on your location. But a better option is buy a whole plant of the herb you need. For example at our Publix we have herb plants in the produce section and they are about $3.00 a plant and you get a larger amount of product than the plastic containers. Another reason to buy the plant is that you can either plant the herb at home or keep the potted herbs inside your home near a windowsill and just water as needed.

Basil doesn’t like the cold nor heat so if you find your self not being able to by the whole herb plant and want to purchase the prepackaged containers no problem. Trim the stem ends of the basil and place it in a cup with water then place a small plastic bag over it and store in the warmest spot of your refrigerator. Change the water ever couple days, your basil could last up to two weeks.  A money saving trick that works significantly well with basil is trimming the stem ends and place in cup with water, then place next to a windowsill where it can receive about four to six hours of sun light a day. Within a week the basil will spring roots and you can pant the basil and it will grow into a healthy plant.

For fresh parsley and cilantro and similar herbs the best method to keep them fresh is loosely wrap them in a lightly moist paper towel and place it in a resalable plastic bag and keep in the vegetable drawer. If after a couple days the paper towel becomes to wet remove the paper towel and use a new moist paper towel.  

For Rosemary and thyme use the same paper towel and resalable bag method, but use a dry paper towel and check for moisture every couple of days. They are a more woody type of herb and they prefer to be drier to stay fresh longer. 

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